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Who We are

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We are a community of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter of worshipers of Anglican heritage entered into full communion with the Catholic Church while maintaining distinctive elements of the Anglican theological, spiritual, and liturgical patrimony.

  • We offer both traditional hymns and contemporary choruses at each service

  • We have weekly Communion

  • We integrate young and old into worship



Our goal is to be a community whose love for the Lord helps others to love Him.

We're committed to worship in Spirit and Truth and Joy through:

  • Preaching the Bible

  • Reading from the Bible

  • Praying the Spirit of the Bible

  • Singing Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

  • Participating in the sacraments of Baptism & Communion


The Historic Saint Joseph Catholic Church


Currently, St. Timothy's Ordinariate Catholic Church is taking residence at the historic church of Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Sykesville, MD. The church was established in 1868 and continues to serve the Parish for various liturgical events. 

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