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From the Administrator's Desk


January 11, 2022

Dear Faithful of Saint Timothy’s:

The God of all faith, hope, and charity be with you! This has been quite the Christmastide. I feel as if I lost all of the Christmas season to my hospitalization and sickness. Yet it was a grace-filled time in which our Lord gave me many opportunities to conform myself to Him crucified. It has also not escaped my attention that we have several members in our congregation who are also fighting against COVID-19. I, as your spiritual father, will continue to offer the agony and pain of recovery for each and every one of you, sick or healthy. I offer it for your spiritual wellbeing, for your endurance in the faith, and for your good health!

As you also know, we will be celebrating the Feast of Saint Timothy, our patron, on Sunday, January 30th! While it is tempting to scrap away with our events, I must say that we have quite a bit to celebrate! We have seen the expansion of our community! We have seen healing in our midst! We have seen the great works of the Lord alive and well. We would be remiss to not celebrate these great things and give thanks ​unto the Lord. 

As we continue to move toward the healing of our members, let us continue to ask the intercession of a few key people. First and foremost, Saint Timothy, who was always considered to be frail and fragile, yet was the chosen one of God to raise up the Christians of his time. May he continue to interceded for us as we continue to build up our Church for the glory of God.


Secondly, we pray for the intercession of Saint Mary, Our Lady of the Atonement. As we embark on the week for Christian Unity, may she continue to gather the scattered Christians into full, visible, sacramental, and real communion with her Son, Jesus Christ.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,
Rev. Fr. Armando G. Alejandro, Jr.
Parochial Administrator of Saint Timothy's

Atonement Grounds 016.JPG.jpg



O GOD,  who dost bring into the way of truth them that are gone astray,

dost gather together them that are scattered abroad,
and preserve them that thou hast gathered:

We beseech thee, of thy mercy

to pour out upon all Christian people thy grace of communion;
that, all divisions being done away,

they may be one flock, in one fold, under one Shepherd,

and do thee worthy service;

through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.

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